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Avail highly scalable and robust Enterprise software solutions at Nettechnocrats. Our custom-built solutions are mainly focused on saving your cost and time to let you focus on other business prospects.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    A highly targeted, scalable ERP system, aligned to integrate the main functional areas of an organization's business process into a web-based system.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    With CRM integration, we'll help you automate your sales processes, customer service, and marketing processes and provide a customizable workspace for your employees to track and manage deals.

  • Supply Chain Management

    A growing number of businesses is now allowing ERP software solutions to automate their manufacturing and distribution process while increasing their speed, efficiency, and overall customer satisfaction.

  • Business Process Management

    Due to the lack of connectivity, business processes often grow complex. As a leading enterprise software development firm, we provide custom solutions that help firms to evaluate, improve and align business processes to an organization’s overall goals and strategy.

  • Case Management

    The EPM solution we provide addresses every facet of case management easily. Using ERP, all users will be able to allow their employees to retrieve data and pass cases through to appropriate departments without any delay in the process.

  • Sales Force Management

    Aiming to simplify your sales process, this ERP module helps you to manage all your sales operations like Sales queries & inquiry analysis & handling, accepting sales orders, drafting sales invoices with proper taxation, etc.

Why choose ERP solutions?

Time and money saving

An experienced enterprise software development firm offers you an ERP solution that unifies many business operations that may currently be fragmented into your organization. This software solution enables you to access all the necessary tools from one centralized system, thus saving your time and money both.

Improved Collaboration

The features of ERP applications can vary depending on the program you're using, but generally, all systems improve collaboration. With a centralized database, you provide your company with a single source of truth to work form.

Improved productivity

A right ERP solution enables you to automate all your tedious tasks. The database within ERP software helps you to eliminate all redundant tasks and allows the system to perform calculations quickly.

Satisfied Customers

Integrated CRM solutions provide you all the details such as order history and billing information. This enables you to better understand your customers and their specific needs. The increased customer visibility helps you improve your sales strategy and thus improve leads.

Better Analytics

Our enterprise software solutions provide you a central database of information that also assists you in improving reporting and analytics. ERP software allows you to generate business reports using this centralized data in a quicker way.

Our Portfolio

The Major Industries which We Serve

We have been serving different industries, solving their complex problems, helping to gain more business and ultimately achieve their business goals. Following are some major industries who we serve with our professional web development services.

Why Choose Nettechnocrats For Enterprise Software Development?

Having worked on different projects, we at Nettechnocrats have gained unmatched business and technical expertise. We have a large pool of ERP developers who are able to meet your needs, expectations, and budget.

  • Technology Competence

    Our unique competence in ERP development technology enables us to deliver integrated, robust and scalable ERP solutions to our clients. Our adept team of professionals make constant research and keep them updated with all the latest technologies to meet the ever-growing demands of the customers.

  • Individual Approach

    We thoroughly read each customer's case and needs. According to their project requirements, we engage a dedicated team of business analysts and understand the client's business objectives to find a suitable solution. Moreover, we also make sure that we value the time of our clients and do not waste time beating around the bush.

  • Technical Risk Reduction

    A compelling ERP software is not only restricted to beautiful UI/UX. It is also about reducing the technical risk of the ERP solutions through well-considered architecture and a stable functioning solution that easily integrates with other solution and also enhance the process over time.

  • Integrated ERP solutions for industry

    Being a leading enterprise software development firm, Nettechnocrats partners with clients from a wide range of industries, including banking and financial services, consulting and professional services, consumer packaged goods, health-care, manufacturing, etc.

  • State-of-the-art ERP solutions

    To stay in the competition, modern enterprise resource planning systems can't do without new technologies which are covering all the industries rapidly. Implementation of these advanced technologies with your ERP solutions can give you major advantages.

  • Blockchain

    Blockchain plays an important role in some areas such as supply chain management and production that typically falls under the ERP system. Incorporating this technology with your ERP system can help you with your process by building cryptocurrencies platforms, implementing smart contracts, distributed ledgers, and identity solutions.

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality

    Many ERP systems tend to be cumbersome and laborious. Now, it is time to get them to optimize and make them ready for the future by bringing in new working and collaboration capabilities. Our adept developers help many organizations by offering the most promising AR and VR strength and changing the way your traditional ERP systems work through.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence or AI will surely change and influence the future of the ERP systems and have a decisive impact on the business of the future. Putting together the strengths of AI and ERP solution, our adept developers help businesses successfully enhance their work-flows and accelerate information retrieval for more informed decision making.

  • Internet Of Things

    IoT brings a lot of potential to the ERP industry. It can add value across many business functions, right from asset management and supply chain to manufacturing and field service. By enabling IOT technology with ERP, our experts also help you to reduce costs and increase productivity by preventing downtime.

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