Integrating your business application with business data insures that you have seamless access to data.



Enterprise resource planning software is software system that is proven to be of great help in business planning, administration and optimization of internal business process comprising of different modules like supply chain, manufacturing, customer relationship management, etc.

Integrating your business application with business data insures that you have seamless access to data. This integration of ERP solutions gives you access to all the core business functions, like production, sales, accounting, purchasing and more while providing you a high level indication of the business. We develop web ERP software that holds characteristics like real time integration and time updates so that you can control on your business 24*7.

Irrespective of the size and industry, we offer custom ERP software development services which are fully customizable and cover everything required that is needed to run a firm. We at Nettechnocrats are recognized as the top ERP software development company in India offering the following ERP solutions to meet our client's requirements.


Our expert team posses both the business and technical knowledge to analyze, configure, test and deploy the most complex ERP platforms and take you to the next level! They will be fully responsible for recognizing what project type your ERP implementation is and accordingly use the methodology.


Integration is a way of connecting ERP software to other systems to ensure that a consistent information is shared while automating work flows. Our custom ERP software development services provide you with a fast, cost-effective and a reliable way to integrate and manage external applications and data with your ERP or CRM system.


Customization of ERP solution is one of the biggest challenges for an ERP software development company. Our ERP consultants thoroughly understand all the complexities of your business process and your specific demands as well to deliver you smartly built customizations.

Why choose custom ERP development for your business?

We understand that each industry has its own requirements and that even in your own industry, your business will be unique. We have industry specific custom ERP solutions which are designed to be confirmed to your specific business.

Enhanced Productivity

The enterprise resources planning systems assist you to reduce your cost and time by automating all your unnecessary business process and enables the users to focus more on their projects.

Offers Customer Satisfaction

Our SalesForce developers bring custom solutions to let a client get a brief insight into crucial sales & data information with streamlined & automated data processes.

High efficiency

An ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning systems greatly reduce the need to manually enter all the business related data and information as well as remove the repetitive processes of all your projects.

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