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Automate Order Management, Delivery Dispatch & Marketing Campaigns to scale your business.

Seamlessly connect foodies with restaurants nearby with a branded food ordering app like GrubHub with custom features and integrations as per your requirements.

Food Delivery App

Have you feeling hungry and you want to order your favorite dish online? Well, we are making apps that will help you connect to the best restaurants in town. The food delivery applications are going to benefit the travels, hosters, serve city dwellers, and various users who just do not want to cook at the moment. We understand what a customer needs and how they are going to order their favorite products. We know their usage patterns and the latest trends that will frame their mobile screens. We are going to provide the users with a user interface that is both rich with appearance as well as features.

Our experts are a team of individuals that are working for the most customer-oriented app development organization. Our team consists of esteemed experts who have startup experience and have made apps for multiple food chains. We can easily provide them with complete restaurant app development services.

As we are a team of active designers, developers, marketers, and testers, we are very much ready to collaborate with you and help you expand your business. Our mobile app development team at Nettechnocrats is qualified and experienced in making Android, iOS, and other hybrid mobile and web apps. Work with us to make apps that are designed for experience and built for success. Discuss your on-demand food delivery app IoT-applications-development-company with our experts and start right now.

Food Delivery

Make the
Food delivery Easier

Our experts are working to make a food delivery app that is optimized and customized according to the latest trends in food app development. This will enhance the user experience and will give them an attractive user interface. We are going to help you with-

Food Delivery App

Food Delivery Startups:

Have you been looking to start a food delivery output? Well, if you are then we have an amazing app for you.

Food Delivery App

Single Restaurants:

Are you the owner of a single restaurant? Well, we will provide you with the exclusive food delivery app for you.

Food Delivery App

Restaurant Chains:

Are you running a restaurant chain? Well, do not worry as we are going to provide you with profitable solutions to expand your business.

Food Delivery App

Aggregator Model:

We are going to tie up with the restaurants across the cities and manage the business easily.

Have an App Idea?

If you have an idea for the app then, we will build it for you

What are the key benefits of Food app delivery solutions?


There is a big demand for online food ordering, and the most important point has been mentioned above. It is the value addition of comfort and convenience which makes many customers go in for it. Hotels and restaurants also would like to order the food directly because it could reduce their overheads such as having a quality restaurant, employing people there and so on. Instead, these restaurants would be happy paying something for these app service providers so that they can concentrate more on the variety and quality of food and also plan further business expansion. This is why having a mobile POS system and software can make your restaurant more successful. Most people order online and with an integrated POS system, you can streamline all locations to easily accept orders and continue to meet customer’s needs.


When customers do some research and choose the right to deliver anything app, they also end up having better choices. They can use the app and check out at least ten to twelve restaurants and then decide as to which the best option is. They can choose the right food, and it could be either vegan or non-vegan foods. The category of foods could also be quite large when compared to a single restaurant. They could choose between continental and Chinese, Italian to Mexican, Indian to Russian menu amongst others. Hence this certainly is a big advantage for customers in more ways than one.


When you offer online ordering facilities through such apps, you can be sure that the guests will be able to order conveniently. They will not be in a tearing hurry to wrap up the order based on the menu card offered to them by the waiters. Hence, they can spend some time exploring all the options and then choose whatever appeals to their taste buds, needs, and requirements. This will work wonderfully well for both the customers and the restaurants. Restaurants that are using such apps to their customers often end up having higher revenues and their bottoms lines are also healthier.


On-demand apps help you reach a wider target audience so you can expand your customer base and serve your customers better. An important point here is that on-demand apps are mostly focused on the young audience who are more likely to use apps for getting everything they need. Younger audiences are more open to new ideas and you can reach them easily with the help of on-demand apps.


On-demand delivery apps have built-in feedback systems that help providers find out the gaps where they are lacking and improve their services accordingly to serve their customers in a much better way and provide them a good customer experience.

Features in
Food Delivery App Development:

An end-to-end Food Delivery App Development for businesses and taxi startups with some key advantages


Food Delivery App

User Panel

The search for the restaurants and their food menus. You will be able to use the promo discounts and offers that your users will get with every purchase. The better the offers the better the business.

You will be able to place orders from different restaurants at a single checkout. You will also an email confirmation about the order placement and ETA. Rate and review the food, restaurant, and delivery apps.

You can even select your favorite restaurants.


Food Delivery App

Restaurant Panel

The restaurants will be able to create their specified profile with all the details. You can create discounts, give your customers the offers and promo codes. You can also edit, create, and delete menus.

You will also get notifications for the orders. You will be able to see and manage all your earnings. You will also be able to update your customers about the delivery time and status of their order.


Food Delivery App

Admin Panel

You will be able to manage the users, delivery boys, and customers and get the order status easily. You will also be able to manage and create various food categories. Create and delete the coupon codes, offers, and can also manage the delivery charges.

You will also be able to activate, verify, and deactivate the restaurant from your system as you like.

Food Delivery App Development Samples

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Of course, we can develop backend for mobile app in Python which will increase the scalability and robustness of the system and it's supports the latest libraries like ARkit, IoT devices integration etc.

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