How Alexa and Siri are going to change your SEO strategies?

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The Internet is changing rapidly, that’s why digital marketers need to change with it accordingly. while once all the Internet searches were performed on desktops and laptops, people are now using their smartphones to conduct their Internet searches related to any products, services, and local businesses.

But with the emergence of more distinctive shift called artificial intelligence assisted voice searches like Siri and Alexa, they have changed the ways in which search engines used to work. Now you can conduct searches with nothing more than the sound of your voice. These voice-activated assistants don’t require typing, they use your voice and that is rapidly changing the SEO landscape.

How voice-assistant is changing searches?

According to a study, 55 percent of youths are using voice searches every day, and approx 56 % of adults use it as it helps them feel more tech-savvy.

Said simply, speaking is a lot easier than typing. Rather than writing out what you have to say, people feel more easy to use Alexa and Siri to ask away. Why type when you can talk?

While Alexa will not deliver an answer to a voice search query unless it has been accurate, Google home and Android devices will report top results from Google. It will never include the results appeared lower down on the SERPs or subsequent result pages.

That makes digital marketers appear on the top of Google’s results than ever.

The A, B, C’s of voice search

As voice search using AI becomes more prevalent, the language or A, B, C’s of search changes.

Pay attention to the conversational way in which a question can be asked. Like, if someone were to ask “where can I get a cool pair of shoes , you know that the person is ready to make a purchase. It would make sense to bid forcefully for “where†transactional requests in your business’s area on Adwords.

So, it is crucial to respond to search queries in a human way, and they use the text of pages in search results to do so. It should be optimized with clear grammatically correct answers to specific questions such as who, what, when, where and why?

Location and navigation searches

Thanks to voice search, mobile-friendly sites are becoming more important than ever. Due to the smartphone use, a large portion of voice requests through Alexa, Siri, and similar technologies deal with navigation and location. For example, a person may make a voice search, “dentist near me, rather than doing a general search using typing. The artificial intelligence processes the spoken search query while keeping the user’s location in mind.

In simple words, voice requests lead to a SERP, where local businesses will want to rank. Claiming and maintaining Google my business listings will become more important as voice search gains popularity.


Whether they are aware of this fact or not, but Voice search assistants like Alexa and Siri are changing SEO, and it is up to marketers and businesses to adapt. From opting for conversational content to fully integrate businesses with Google maps, there are several factors to consider about and avail the benefits of this new type of search.

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