Interesting Big Data Technologies/Trends To Follow Today!

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Relevant data has a very big role to play in the success of any business and hence, it is very important to make sure that you have easy access to correct and accurate data. In fact, it has been observed that many companies are actually investing in big data technologies and the ultimate goal behind this is to gain valuable business insights.

Many types of research have been conducted wherein the data was collected from IT leaders as well as executives to check the amount that is spent on the big data technology. The results clearly indicate that a significant amount is being invested in gathering relevant data for further analysis and forecasting. According to a survey in 2017, it has been found that around 95 percent of the Fortune 1000 executives have accepted that they invested in big data technology. In certain cases, the companies spent even more than $100 million on the big data projects.

Big data is something that must be fresh, accurate and updated so as to give maximum returns. Hence, it is of utmost importance to keep oneself informed about the latest big data technologies/trends to reap maximum returns. The good news here is that the technology is an open source and can be easily accessed.

Here are some of the latest additions that are acknowledged by reputed providers of Big Data Consulting Services

Hadoop: This is a truly dependable upgrade that will form a strong basis for other important processes. It is a programming framework that is based on Java and is known to flawlessly support storage and processing.

Spark: Apache Spark is a very fast and an in-memory data processing engine that is known for offering expressive development APIs. Furthermore, this allows the data workers to execute SQL workloads.

NiFi: It is a tool out of NSA, which is known to offer easy data ingest, stores and even processing from so many sources that too with minimal coding and only a slick UI. In addition to this, it supports powerful and well-directed graphs of data routing, transformation, and mediation logic.

Apache Hive 2.1 – It is a highly reliable data warehouse software project that is built on the top of Hadoop. It basically provides data summarization, analysis and query. It basically offers an interface that is quite similar to SQL to store data in various databases.

Stanford CoreNLP: This addition basically provides a set of trusted human language technology tools. In addition to this, it brings the base forms of words such as parts of speech, company names, dates, times, and even numeric quantities.

There are lot many big data trends and frequent additions are introduced in the same. Hence, it is of utmost importance to keep a track of these additions and incorporate the best one matching with the specific requirement of your business. Also, this is a trusted way to make the most of big data consulting services in both short run as well as long run.

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