Is Fiverr worth for agency/Freelancer? Know pros and cons!

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I am excited to share the news about Fiverr, how it worth for agency or freelancer if they want to built their career over the Fiverr platform? We have researched and analysis the factor considering many agency and freelancers from past few years. Still thinking ”Fiverr is great platform for freelance to start the career. Is it true! “
Here is few pros and cons for Fiverr platform:


Pro Freelancer: On Fiverr platform, pro or vetted users are available where you will get qualified services.

Cost-Effectiveness: Fiver is providing cost effective for freelancer and agency by providing access to a wide range of services at competitive prices.

Flexibility in Talent Acquisition: We have noticed that there is certain method where fiverr gives the option to find and hire freelancers with specific skills or expertise. No need to follow lengthy recruitment process. This flexibility enables agencies to adapt to changing project requirements and client demands more easily.

Speed and Efficiency: Buyer can get the speedly with tight deadlines for deliver of projects. This enables agencies to meet tight deadlines and deliver projects to clients promptly, enhancing their reputation for reliability and efficiency.

Scalability: Fiverr’s provides the option to enhance the profile using “prompt gigs” after passed the several criteria. This scalability allows agencies to take on more projects and expand their service offerings without the burden of extra budget on PPC.

Here is the figure, where you can get better understanding about pros of Fiverr platform.


Pro Badges consistency: Managing Pro bades for long terms is very challenging. If you are sure that you can get five star rating from every client than you can sustain with pro badges for long terms and can earn $ from there.

No Control on Buyer: If buyer want to cancel the contract/order than they can easily contact to customer support and get the refund along with cancellation. In this case, freelancer does not have any right to defend, if defend then buyer might share the negative rating which affect the overall performance of profile.

Quality Control Challenges: There are lot of sellers who is available on the platform. For example:
Level 1
Top Rated
Pro seller
Buyers may need to invest time in vetting freelancers and providing clear instructions to ensure that the delivered work meets their standards.

Dependency on Individual Freelancers: If Buyers are going to hire individual freelancer, they might get the lower quality of work as they don’t have option to explore the team.

Limited Control Over Freelancers: Since freelancers on Fiverr are independent contractors, Buyers have limited control over their work schedules, priorities, and availability.

Here is the figure, where you can get better understanding about cons of Fiverr platform.

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