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The conventional mass media has been replaced by the most sophisticated and up-to-date media. In the current time, the technological advancement media industry is growing fast and rapid. Advanced IT solutions have made the information process speedy and rapid. Now, news and information can be sent in a flash to any corner of the world.

At Nettechnocrats, our experts not only help you to keep up with the latest industry trends but also to reach to your clients through multiple distribution channels and platforms in the fastest possible way.

Segments We Serve


Advertising has evolved tremendously and it has not been furthered by advances in technology, but also in the way that advertisers can communicate with consumers. With our innovative solutions, advertising industries can easily align their operations and delivery and provide a higher and measurable ROI on their advertising spend.


In today's 24/7 news and media landscape, providers of these stories and content require robust tools for fast, reliable and secure communications. Our team address the most important issues facing these firms and provide cost-effective communication solutions that get the job done.

Filmed entertainment

With emerging digital technologies, the filmed entertainment industry is seeking a chance for higher monetization of their content, robust content supply chain and deep insights into customer preferences. Drawing on IT and industry backgrounds, we help film studios achieve digital transformation and expand into the current era.


Today the music industry is lying more towards online channels to reach a large pool of audience. We enable you to participate in this digital revolution, by offering music streaming app for iPhone and Android both. if you have a music streaming app idea in mind, come to us to avail the best music streaming app development service.

Print & Publishing

The print and publishing industry has undergone a dramatic change due to the digital media revolution. With the emergence of Smartphone and next-generation devices, it is more common for publishing works to be accessed digitally. Our software suite helps our clients in print media to deliver information and content on-the-go to their users worldwide.


With the technology revolution, the gaming industry has also expanded its reach to the web and mobile in order to reach the maximum users. We hold extensive experience in helping our clients to overcome these challenges and provide high-quality gaming applications on different platforms and also provide seamless back-end support to organizations.

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