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The rise of internet usage has revolutionized the media as well as the entertainment industry. Online platform as media software solutions is dominating the industry. In the recent world whereby the media industry can capitalize on emerging opportunities, seeking media software solutions is one of the major needs of the media industry. With IT solutions playing an important role in creation, management, delivery of website and its essential elements for the media and entertainment industry, many IT companies are offering the service to the industry. However, relying on a firm like Nettechnocrats is productive. This is because; they are different among the crowd when it comes to offering media software solutions.

What to expect in media software solutions?

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As the provider of IT solutions or media and entertainment to build engaging user experience, Nettechnocrats employ innovative technologies to build customized media and entertainment software products. The service provided helps you build a strong community around the growing business. This further helps in engaging user and ultimately deliver unique customer experience. To create the website for the media industry, there are different technologies the leading Indian IT firm uses. Some of the technology used is .NET, PHP, Cross-platform and native mobile, JAVA, Python, Cloud technologies.
Website Audits


To make your place on the web, the team of skilled professionals at Nettechnocrats put their efforts in website designing and creation. They make sure that the ultimate website is designed, coded so that it can run flawlessly on the web.


Not just creating the website is enough, it is also needed to keep utilizing to grab customers attention. However, finding the customer engagement solution for the media industry is a bit difficult as the industry is busy with covering the latest news. For the clients and customers from media industry content management, mobility, social media, etc service are also offered.


Today the music industry is lying more towards online channels to reach a large pool of audience. We enable you to participate in this digital revolution, by offering music streaming app for iPhone and Android both. if you have a music streaming app idea in mind, come to us to avail the best music streaming app development service.


The print and publishing industry has undergone a dramatic change due to the digital media revolution. With the emergence of Smartphone and next-generation devices, it is more common for publishing works to be accessed digitally. Our software suite helps our clients in print media to deliver information and content on-the-go to their users worldwide.


With the technology revolution, the gaming industry has also expanded its reach to the web and mobile in order to reach the maximum users. We hold extensive experience in helping our clients to overcome these challenges and provide high-quality gaming applications on different platforms and also provide seamless back-end support to organizations.

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