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Grab end-to-end video streaming app development services and furnish impeccable TV viewing experiences to your users over frictionless channels. Fit all your VOD (Video On Demand Platform) business requirements with our OTT app development solutions which offers you scalable video streaming applications for fabulous OTT platforms like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and so on.

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In our services the customer support and project work go on synchronously and enable OTT app development with better ideas too. Excellent delivery supported by insights of customers requiring for its project. The developer team at the company is aiming for a futuristic view. Future oriented design and development provide a customizable range of app and software that enable the client to make changes accordingly in the future.

Grab the high-end OTT video application development services from the globally established company trusted for the best live streaming experience supported by AWS servers. We develop an OTT platform that serves as a frictionless channel to your audience and Fits all your VOD (Video on Demand Platform) business requirements. Agile OTT app development solutions like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and so on. All are inspired by robust, interactive, and scalable video streaming ideas.

Being a prominent OTT Video app Development Company, we are offering all new ideas and strategic phenomenon enhancing viewing experience over the app. the company holds an integrative responsibility for CDN integration, cloud integration & hosting.

Our amazing OTT platform development will make your business reach the extent of success and high ROI. If you are willing to start up an on-demand video, audio, messaging, VOIP streaming business you are on the right platform to kick start now.


OTT App Development Services We Provide

Nettechnocrats is the leading white label OTT platform Development Company, converging technology on digital landscape to serve mobile entertainment experience.

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OTT App Development

We develop an OTT app that is highly functional and customization can be done as per the requirements of your business

OTT Video App

Exceptional UI/UX Design

We provide a smooth UI/UX design that offers seamless streaming experience to your users including best viewing experience


OTT APP Management

Our technical experts consistently update your apps with innovative tools/technologies to ensure your app that meets current market standard

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OTT App Testing

We do manual & automotive testing for your OTT apps regressively to ensure the functioning of apps every time for all use cases

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OTT APP Navigation

To offer an updated browsing & streaming experience to the users, we provide a complete navigation of OTT apps


Optimal Performance

We optimize & enhance the performance of the TV streaming app to ensure that the OTT app is running smoothly and offers a seamless experience to users.


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OTT Video App Admin Features

From custom social network website design to extensive development process, our social app developers are skilled in connecting the world.


Android & IOS Platform

The video streaming apps we provide support both iOS and Android. Being an admin, you can offer your OTT apps to your users on both Android and iOS platforms.


Multiple Payment Gateway

Through this multi-payment gateway, the admin let their users to pick their desired payment gateway to pay their bills.


Powerful Admin Panel

Our OTT app video streaming upholds a powerful admin panel which lets the admin for the superior control over the user, account and content.


Custom Requirements

We deliver your video streaming app with all the stunning features. As well, we are ready to include any traits, if you need to fit your requirements.

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Integrated GPS

The OTT app you buy from us is GPS integrated, with this the admin has control over his hand to restrict the viewers from the specific regions and countries.

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User Management

With this, the admin will have constant supervision of their user profiles as well as the efficient management of the customer database.


Videos, Category and Users Management

Admin can manage the videos, category, and users easily as it is highly scalable and user-friendly


SEO Friendly Design

Your OTT app will show up on the first page while searching. as it is configured in an SEO-friendly manner.

Outstanding OTT Video App Features

Our technical expertise is what makes your social media app stand out of the sea of others in the stores.


The place for the users to filled their details where users can change content preferences under viewing history basis


Through this, users can watch their favourite videos on desired screens like TV, Desktop, or any other screens.


Multilingual support lets to enhance your business worldwide by enabling users from several geographical areas.


This lets the users to share their viewpoints on their social media that makes other users to watch the video content.


Users can search or filter their desired videos through building OTT apps with genre options


Users can rate & review the app individually which lets the admin to enhance the app performance if there is any shortcoming.

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Choose Us?

Here are some of the steps that can help you in understanding the working of the eWallet app development process

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Requirement Gatherings

We analyze the OTT app solution requirements and set up the team to build an app after finalizing the contract

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We develop an app using a scrum methodology in order to deliver an app at stipulated time

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We conduct multiple testing processes on each module of the OTT app development to ensure the bug-free OTT app

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We deploy OTT app after the testing process & ensure that your OTT app is fully-fledged

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we monitor the server regularly and fix the bugs then and there. Also, you will get regular updates from our technical experts

OTT Video App Development Samples

We have served 2500+ clients globally and completed 4200+ projects for them. Checkout some of the best Mobile App development case studies here:


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