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Online radical self-balancing scooter

“The Wheely” name itself indicates that this online website is selling some wheeled gadgets like radical self- balancing scooters. These scooters are dual- wheeled self-balance-able electrically operated vehicle providing users a revolutionary ride instead of a walk. This product is designed so beautifully that the driver can operate it’s movement simply by standing on it without worrying about the risk of falling down because it automatically keeps the balance.


Online radical self-balancing scooter

This e-commerce website was designed and developed to provide users a revolutionary ride instead of a walk making their complete journey an exciting one. The website was developed considering the compatibility issues with all the available devices in the market. The beautiful looking design of the website is derived through HTML 5 and for the development a CMS software Magento was used to make it really easy for the client to update their pages with new information of products as and when needed. In the ending phase, a final review of the website was done by testing the entire website on different quality parameters.



Below is the technology stack

CMS: Magento
Language: PHP
Database: MySQL
Mobile Compatible & Responsiveness: YES

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