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Nettechnocrats is the trusted one-stop solution provider for real estate web and mobile application development. Through our service, our sole purpose is to cater to the global audience whereby we make use of the top-notch web development technologies and developers experience to create an excellent real estate business solution.

How Nettechnocrats Delivers Business Values To The Real Estate Industry?

Nettechnocrats utilizes the potential to offer the service to every type of property sitting tycoons in the market. We create an attractive website to display it online whereby real-time buyers can have fluid experience buying the property. With our web as well as mobile app development services we carter the best online experience to our clients and further their customers.

We opt for a holistic approach to real estate site design that supports features for multiple locations. Furthermore, our team is capable to design first-rate user-interface that makes it easy for visitors to sort through an online listing. Also, we have the best of technology that is used to create a rendering and unique website for each customer. Along with development services for the real estate industry, we also deal with digital marketing, promotion, email marketing and much more services.

Key Features of Our Real Estate Software Development Service

Being in the real estate industry and not having the classic website means losing a fight to competitors. Over 90 per cent of real estate has a website but most of the real estate business owners do not have a responsive website so they look forward to recreating a new one or renovate the old website.

Being a service provider for real estate websites as well as mobile application development, we see the advantages clients seek in their business. This is all because of the key features our development team adds to their website. Find below some of the interesting key features we add to the website of our customers from the real estate industry.

Great Design

Great design means the design of the website should be functional, responsive, and visually pleasing. Our website design enables a flawless user experience that ensures that users can easily navigate the website and find everything that they need. Also, the website must be responsive and we understand it well. The presence of a responsive website design makes users happy to use the website.

Advanced Search

We know that an advanced search is the spine of every good real estate website. Our team of expert developers uses the best software to make it possible for users to search the website with ease.

Beautiful images

Along with developing a great website, our team of designers adds beautiful images that speak a thousand words about the website. The images included are done through the latest software whereby the image can tract thousand prospective customers and prove helpful for real estate customers.

MLS integration

Listing multiple services or having MLS for the real estate website is crucial. We use IDX software for MLS. With this, our customer’s customer can have up to date information about a wide range of property listing on the website. Consequently, generating true leads can also be done through this.

SEO Friendly

We use SEO friendly framework to work on and create the website. We use plug-ins to manage the real estate website and we make sure that it is SEO friendly so that our customers do not have to compromise with the search engine result.

Good and Reliable CMS

We use good and reliable CMS to build a great real estate listing website. The CMS easily handle all the customers’ requirement. It has a lot of features and it is safe and secure to manage.

Extendible Architecture

We create the clean, clear and unique website that does not have any mess. Our developers use the simple yet secure code that that when required in future, the website or mobile app can be extended. In short, our service has an extendible architecture.

User-friendly filter option

Search can be different, hence we add user-friendly filer option whereby customer’s client can easily make the use of the website or mobile application and filter the search according to their requirement.

Google Map Integration

We know that listing the location of the site and much more locations is very important for the real estate customers. So, we make the website or mobile app that has Google map integration whereby the user can access the location with just a search.

IDX Integration

We design a comprehensive real estate website integrated with the IDX features. This service allows you to capture leads, save property searches and send regular email updates to clients.

A sneak Peak to our Real Estate Development Process

We have covered over more than ten years of journey in the development industry.
Here are a few glimpses of our real estate projects that we have delivered.

Why Nettechnocrats for Real State Industry?

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