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Have you been looking to expand, develop, automate, and grow the business operations with a Taxi app solution? If that is the case then you need to build an app that can help you grow your business.

taxi Booking App

Taxi Booking

There are some individuals who have an established cab business. It might get very tiring when you have to calculate their wages and that too manually. There are at times when you might be noting down the details of the trip and then you might forget it later on. Well, these things happen all time. But have you ever thought about how are you going to manage your business more easily and effectively?

The taxi booking app development from our experts is a one-stop solution that will help you automate everything from the cab bookings and the payment to the total number of drivers and taxis. They are also going to help you in generating the reports. This is going to take a huge load off your shoulders.

We at Nettechnocrats are a team that is providing our users with the unprecedented app solution by our experienced uber app developers or the taxi app developers. We can help you build an app like uber that will include a dedicated team of the rider and developers. There is also going to be an admin panel. Our team has already been successful in launching more than 50 taxi solutions apps that match the services of Uber.

Let us now have a look at the best Taxi app features that we can provide you in your app.

Taxi Booking App Features

We are currently rated as the number-1 App development company in India. Well, we are integrating the app with the features like never before. We are going to understand your need and will provide you top-rated solutions.

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Integration of multiple languages:

We are here to build you an app where we are breaking all the language barriers and will provide you with a solution that is flexible so the languages that are needed. We will help you target the audience to speak in any language as intended by the customers.

Fast ride-booking:

With our developer’s expert skillset, we are going to form you an app so that the drivers’ can get the ride bookings fast from a system and help them generating business with the liberty of accepting or rejecting the ride-booking request.

We are also going to integrate the great looking and user-friendly interface by using google maps and the map animation movement.

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Types of Ride Booking:

The users will be able to book the rides with various different options such as cars, bikes, autos. You will be easily able to choose them from the menu. You can easily specify your needs and choices such as the fare amount, destination, and standard of booking.

Live Booking Status:

When the order is successfully accepted by the driver, then the driver will be able to update the ride status of the ride. Then it is going to reflect instantly in the app where the user will be able to see it and if not, then he will get the notification on their phone.
You will also be able to see the ride history.

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Subscriptions and Payment Options:

The users will be able to transfer the payment from various options such as cash or card. There are various libraries that can be integrated. The drivers can also provide you with the subscription via QR code scan payment from their trusted bank account number from a third-party app and also a direct subscription from the payment gateway integrated into the app. This way the passengers will be able to pay for the rides easily.

Earn and Refer from Sharing:

Driver and passenger can easily share the app via the link and upon the registration of the new user. There are benefits for both the referrer and the user is referring. This is the way how the user is going to get more user engagement, thus benefitting both parties.

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Since 2011, we have been going an extra mile for our clients and providing them with digital strategies that are exceptional in nature. Get in touch with us today and we will help you build an exceptional app.

From Idea to Implementation to Launch

At Nettechnocrats we analyze your solution requirements closely and then we offer you a comprehensive and customized on demand taxi app development solution.


Personalized interactions for comprehensive requirement gathering.


Built-in support for popular payment gateways with new integration support.


Push notifications, email updates and SMS alerts setup.


Support for integration with popular analytics platforms.


On-premise deployment of the taxi-hailing solution for full data control.


Full data security audit to meet HIPAA and other compliance standards.


Successful listing on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Dedicated launch and technical support for smooth operations.

An end to end Taxi Dispatch Solutions App

Our Developers are providing you with the end to end taxi app development solution for business and taxi startups with various advantages.


Taxi Booking App Service
On Demand App Development Company

The users will be able to log in and then do the easy booking for the ride quickly. You can easily do it with the input source location, destination location, and the fare among suggestions. You will easily be able to cancel the ride with the reason that is optional.

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The users will also be able to see their ride details like the current of the driver, location of the user, and that too itself. The user will be able to see the fare amount, the timing of the driver, and the payment mode.

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The user will easily be able to do the payment when the ride is finished from card or cash. The users will also be able to give a rating for the best ride experience. There will also be an option where you will be able to your favorite driver as well. The users will easily be able to see the ride details of a previous ride that might have taken place.
The user will be able to share the app and get refer points.


Taxi Booking App
Taxi Booking App

When you are getting online or offline ride request, then the drivers will be able to update the status of availability in order to take the ride request. The drivers will be able to see the details of the new ride like the distance time and locations. They also have the option of whether to reject or accept the ride. The divers will be able to see the real-time status of the car as well as the ride.

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There is also an option where the driver will b able to switch back and forth between the inbuilt app map and the third party supported maps. These maps are there for traffic and guidance. The drivers can easily receive the payment or are able to check the payment status. There is also an option where the driver can also rate the person sitting in the car which makes the experience both valuable for the driver and the user. The driver also has the option of a ride subscription which depends on the business model which allows the drivers to ride.


Taxi Booking App
Taxi Booking App Service

The admin has the power to configure the system variable roles that can easily govern the ride business and various systems such as ride free, tax, limit variables, and subscription fee. The users can add update and delete the operation and that is available for the admin users and drivers.

Taxi Booking App

The admins will also be able to see their ride status and then search for a ride according to their choice. They also will be able to refer to the variables and benefit from them. The admin can also generate various reports such as the operation action of the users and the rides and the revenues.

Taxi Booking App Development Samples

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