What E.A.T. and YMYL define about your online success?

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If you are looking forward to knowing how Google brain digests online content, then you are on luck with getting far more specification on the same as Google has released the entire guideline of their Search Quality Evaluator.

These guidelines offer wide information about what Google is looking for to pages as high in quality and how to perform better in Google’s algorithm. However, as a whole the two most important things can be extracted from these guidelines are.

  • E-A-T levels: Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness
  • Y-M-Y-L Pages: Your Money Or Your Life

Both of the above important measurements offered by Google points in the direction where a focus is majorly on the need of expert writers. As in order to be visible on Google, content written on the site must be from professionals with technical training or accreditation. However, many digital marketing services providers offer professional content writers for making your task easy.

Here we are going to discuss what all you these two measurements define about your online score

Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness: E-A-T

The abbreviation E-A-T stands for “Expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness. A Google’s metric to evaluates rank pages. In order to view favourably on Google, a site must possess a high level of E-A-T. if you possess low-quality pages then nothing to worry about, here we have come up with some traits to master E-A-T:

  • The main content of any site should contain proper information about the topic and purpose for which the site is build up. Content must be ample enough to satisfy the needs of a user.
  • The website should feature auxiliary information like, about us, contact and customer service.
  • The content associated with different pages must be authorized and trustworthy
  • A website must possess a positive reputation for its page topics
  • A supplementary content to enhance a user’s enjoyment and experience is always welcome.
  • The designing of the page must be in a fashion that allows a user to easily locate the information they wish to access.
  • Try to maintain your website regularly with proper editions.

One of the most important reasons why E-A-T is an important aspect to consider is that affect both the reputation of the site as well as the page quality level on the internet. Therefore, it becomes necessary to keep in mind that your website comprises an expert content, which has to be unique and precise depending upon the purpose for which the page is created.

However, some topics like reviews of product or restaurant, information on fashion sites, gossip sites or other such forums require very formal levels of expertise. As for these pages, Google just looks at how useful, detailed, helpful information is provided on them.

While there are many different types of “everyday expertise†, therefore Google make it clear that their evaluators won’t penalize the site for not having formal training in the relevant field. However, for some sites it is mandatory that qualified, accredited experts must write it, this is true for sites like:

  • Financial advice
  • Medical information
  • High-quality hobby pages
  • Advice or information page of any forum that can cause a potential negative impact on someone’s health, wealth and happiness

Your Money Or Your Life: Y-M-Y-L Pages

Well, to be specific we are talking about Google here. YMYL is a quality rating use by Google for online content which either demands your money or your life. It might sound weird and of course, it is not at all like that, but not too far.

Here how Google defines YMYL: YMYL abbreviation stands for “Your Money or Your Life†pages. This means it comprises of the pages that exhibit low quality and possibly have a negative impact on a person’s life, happiness or income.

In general, the YMYL pages are those pages that Google demands to be written by specialists. According to Google, the following categories lie in YMYL pages

  • Shopping or financial transaction pages
  • Pages that offer financial information (tax information or investment )
  • Pages that offer medical information (especially about specific diseases or mental health or abnormal conditions)
  • Pages that offer legal information (related to topics like divorce, child support, becoming a citizen, creating a will, etc.)
  • Any page that possesses low levels of E-A-T and has the potential to be dangerous or detrimental.

This is Google’s effort to protect its users from low-quality complex content as Google have very high-quality rating index that needs the high level of E-A-T. If you wish to have high-quality rating index you can directly contact SEO Company in India that offers effective quality content from the experts for your site and help you have YMYL pages with the high E-A-T Levels.

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