Why Is Google Partner Badge Important For Any Digital Marketing Company?

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Marketing your business with a digital agency requires a distinct level of trust and you need to make sure that the agency you choose is accredited in the best practice for the world’s leading advertising platform- Google Adwords.

Digital marketing is like most “consultative industries. It self-regulates with strict certificate accreditations to establish its credibility and to assist customers to tell which service providers actually know what they’re doing.

A Sign of Credibility

A Google partner badge cannot be bought or gained without trickery. If you see a Google partner badge on an agency website, this means the firm specializes in Google’s products – be it AdWords, Analytics or simply organic marketing on Google’s search engine. Here is what you can say to your clients about this partner badge:

Your Adwords certification recognizes that you’re a certified online advertising professional.

You get this certification only after successfully passing the Adwords fundamentals exam either the search advertising, mobile advertising, video advertising, display advertising or shopping advertising.

Benefits of a Google Partner Badge

Working with a Google partner agency assures that their staffs are experts in creating and managing strong, successful Adwords campaigns. With access to all the updates and training, a Google partner agency will have all those skills that optimize campaigns and assure a continuous growth.

Getting in touch with someone at Google is not always the easiest task. Every Google partner has to access to its own Google representative. This means that this agency can address and resolve any Adwords related client query much faster than other non-partner agencies.

Agencies that have earned a Google partner badge are among the first to have access to Google beta’s features. When Google develops any new feature, its partners have access to test these features first before it is available to the general public. It gives the digital partner agency an edge up against competitors not working with a Google Partner.

Earning the Google badge partner is no small feat. So, when you really want your digital marketing agency to prosper, surely go for a Google Partner badge which denotes trust and quality!

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