Why it’s better to hire an SEO reseller company than SEO service providers?


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The topic is caused by never-ending debate. Some experts say that SEO service providers are always greater than SEO resellers because resellers are only borrowing the services of providers. Resellers have to do this survive in the industry and become successful.

However, as a regular business owner, it is better to deal with an SEO reseller than directly talking to the service provider. Although in the context of SEO handling, the end client has no idea on the SEO reseller’s status as a middleman, it is still advised to hire a reseller.

Here are 4 great reasons to hire an SEO reseller to benefit your customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

Resellers do everything to meet your needs

Resellers do everything to get your signature on the contract and to keep you on his roster of active clients as well. Companies who are reselling SEO services try to please you because they are targeting the provider’s attention. A job well-done means recognition from the boss.

Most SEO resellers are effective marketers. These reseller’s innate ability to convincing people with their words is one good factor to somehow foresee how they could protect your business in the future. Resellers also help clients understand the basics and technicalities of SEO, even without the provider’s presence. That, I believe, is a very good trait of a middleman. They can also effective at convincing the provider regarding your future concerns and request as an end client.

An SEO reseller can empathize with you

Many high-ranking SEO service providers don’t have an understanding of regular business owners and common people. SEO resellers can empathize with you, and having a business partner who completely understands your business and it’s needs can make your business successful.

Never leave in the middle of the project

A company that resells needs their clients; after all their job is dependent only on their business with clients. This ensures that reseller will always be with you at each step of the project. An SEO reseller will always stick with you until your SEO project is completed or until your website achieves success.


The SEO process is a partnership, collaboration among all parties is crucial for success. However, this partnership has a harsh reality. SEO providers get a larger amount of income. Although resellers have the right to determine campaign rates through White label SEO programs, they know that they still owe their business to a higher entity. That ‘s why many SEO resellers work hard and to rise above their middleman status and have their SEO firm someday.

Choosing the right and affordable SEO reseller company can be a little tricky for your brand. In such conditions, hiring a reseller from India can be beneficial for you. Do a little analysis and get the perfect SEO service for your company.

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